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Zumba Malta zumba classes

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Are you living in Malta and you want to join in a fun activity that gets you fit, in to shape and helps you get rid of stress?

Then join our wi zumba malta classes today :)

Today's Zumba Malta Zumba classes:

zumba® toning at 19:30 at san gwann primary school! Let's party your way to a fitter you! :D


We are Wesley & Ilona, both from The Netherlands. Since 2010 we are teaching Zumba in Malta! The Zumba® programme reached Holland in the beginning of 2009. When Ilona took her first Zumba® class she loved the whole atmosphere and exhilarating music! It was after that 1st class that her instructor came up to her and asked her: "Would you like to come and teach for me?". Of course this was totally unexpected, but she ...
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