About us 


We are Wesley & Ilona, both from The Netherlands. Between May 2010 and August 2019 we were teaching our classes on the beautiful island of Malta, but now we are residing in our home town of Roosendaal, The Netherlands again.

The Zumba® programme reached Holland in the beginning of 2009. When Ilona took her first Zumba® class she loved the whole atmosphere and exhilarating music! It was after that 1st class that her instructor came up to her and asked her: "Would you like to come and teach for me?". Of course this was totally unexpected, but she accepted the challenge, attended classes on a daily basis & took the B1 training with the founder of the Zumba®programme,  "Beto Perez".

All this time Wesley was participating with her & he also became passionate about the programme! Shortly after Ilona took her B1, Wesley also became a licensed Zumba® Instructor. Ilona started teaching in Holland, and after they both moved to Malta, they started teaching together. This turned out to be a great formula, with combining 2 different dance/teaching styles in 1 class!

This programme has changed our lives drastically, coming from an unhealthy life-style, transforming in to fitness & health enthusiasts. Having this background, we do understand how difficult it can be to make a change, but the Zumba® programme can do just that without you feeling you have to make sacrifices! We started teaching, because we wanted to pass on the positive vibe & energy that the Zumba® programme gave us! Open your mind, and go with the Zumba® flow!

​We are both Licensed Zumba® , STRONG by Zumba® , Zumba Kids® , Zumba® Toning, Aqua Zumba® & Zumba Gold® instructors and we are both members of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN).
We are devoted to teaching our classes and our students are important to us since they are great part of our daily lives! ​We always love taking additional trainings and attending Masterclasses to improve our skills and get inspired by other great instructors.

​Our mission: We are here to help you on your journey to get and maintain a healthy life-style, build confidence & get yourself into shape! We stand for personal attention and offer you a positive atmosphere in which you can be YOU! Our classes are about having FUN, letting go & feeling good about yourself! You are not just a number, we know all our students by name & you will feel part of our group as soon as you join your first class.

Wesley & Ilona

Licensed to teach:

  • Zumba®
  • STRONG by Zumba®
  • Zumba® Toning
  • Zumba® Gold
  • Zumba® Kids
  • Zumba® in the Circuit
  • Aqua Zumba®

"ZUMBA® fitness changed our lives forever!"



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